1. Force Beyond Strength
    7-10 Split

  2. Trial By Stone
    7-10 Split

  3. 100 Philistine Foreskins / Preacher Split
    100 Philistine Foreskins / Preacher

  4. Moth And Rust In The Temple Of Putridity
    Abated Mass Of Flesh

  5. V

  6. Thee Saints Go Moshing Hymns
    Anschluss Amor

  7. 888
    Armath Sargon

  8. Dark And Dead Visions Of Fallen Souls
    Armath Sargon

  9. The Book Of Revelation
    Armath Sargon

  10. In Spirit And In Truth
    Be Not Betrayed

  11. The Day Of The Lord
    Blood Covenant

  12. Broken Ep

  13. Closer To Defeat
    The CafFiends

  14. Propaganda The Album
    Civil Defense

  15. Start The Engine

  16. Bought With Blood Ep
    Consuming Fire

  17. Something Real

  18. Cryptic Rising Demo I
    Cryptic Rising

  19. Hopeless In Dead Winter Storm
    Cryptic Rising

  20. Mad At The World / His Pain Ep
    The Deal

  21. Denote The Apex
    Denote The Apex

  22. Become Fishers Of Men
    Desmodus Rotundus

  23. Hands That Shed Innocent Blood
    Desmodus Rotundus

  24. Blessed Are The Dead / Die Daily Ep
    Die Daily

  25. Saving Grace
    Diet Of Worms

  26. Getting Back Up
    Disorganized Crime

  27. Exiled
    Divinity Theory

  28. War

  29. Repent Or Perish

  30. Fireland

  31. Stronger Than Hell

  32. Welcome To The Human Race
    Empty Tomb

  33. Live Like A Dead Man
    Empty Tomb

  34. Blasphemy Unto The Blasphemers

  35. Judgement And Restoration
    Ethereal Scourge

  36. The Flame Of Sodom

  37. Sing And Dance With The Faith Snakes
    Faith Snakes

  38. I Refuse Ep
    False Idle

  39. Where's The Unity / Fight To Die Ep
    Fight To Die

  40. America What Have We Become
    Fight To Die

  41. Shepherd Of The Wolves Ep
    Grace & Thieves

  42. Scepter Of Blood

  43. Dead To Sin But Alive In Christ

  44. Look Alive
    Hit The Deck

  45. Hit The Deck Ep
    Hit The Deck

  46. What Me Worry / Demo Ep
    Hit The Deck

  47. It's Alive!
    Hyperdrive, Go

  48. Call To Arms
    The Incited

  49. Madison Road
    Jesse And The Rockers

  50. T.I.N.
    Jesse And The Rockers

  51. Judgement Day
    Judgement Day

  52. Violence, Vengeance And Retribution
    The Last Hope

  53. 72 Comeback
    The Last Hope

  54. Dead Ep
    The Last Hope

  55. ...And Little Lambs Eat Nations
    Lights For Nero

  56. Like The Dickens

  57. Hate
    Man Made Hell

  58. Megiddon Ep

  59. Ov Decay

  60. Messengers Of Power In Christ / Underground Sound
    The MOPIC

  61. A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit

  62. Great Catch Of Fish

  63. Born Again

  64. Would It Be Reasonable

  65. Redemption
    No Complaints

  66. No Purchase Necessary Ep
    No Purchase Necessary

  67. Destroy Babylons System
    No Return To My Vomit

  68. Officer Negative / Lugnut Split Ep
    Officer Negative / Lugnut

  69. Zombie Nation
    Officer Negative

  70. Dead To The World
    Officer Negative

  71. Soli Deo Gloria
    The Old-Timers

  72. Strength To Strength
    Our Corpse Destroyed

  73. Avenge Your City
    Our Corpse Destroyed

  74. The System
    Our Corpse Destroyed

  75. The Decomposing Shrine
    O Wretched Man

  76. Inner Poverty
    Poured Out

  77. Brotherhood Split
    Preacher / Crimson Fight / Dragged Out

  78. Preacher

  79. Silenced

  80. War On Hell
    Rapid Rascals

  81. Rebuild
    Rapid Rascals

  82. Trials

  83. No Wolf Shall Pass

  84. Out Of The Void
    The Rekoning

  85. Pittsburgh Ep
    The Remnants

  86. Songs From The Hell Hole
    The Remnants

  87. Nobody Home Ep
    The Remnants

  88. Brother

  89. Eternal Mystery Split
    The Right Wing Conspiracy

  90. Songs Of Praise And Truth

  91. Skate And Smile Collection
    The Smiley Kids

  92. Pain And Grace
    Street Corner Gospel

  93. Swine Suicide / Visions Of The Crucifixion Ep
    Swine Suicide

  94. Swine Suicide Demo
    Swine Suicide

  95. The Dawn Of Vengeance
    The Synics Awakening

  96. Former Life Departure

  97. Helpless And Dying

  98. Through The Black
    Torches In The Void

  99. City Of The One
    True Liberty

  100. This Is War
    True Liberty

  101. Brotherhood
    True Liberty

  102. State Of Injustice
    White Flags Burning

  103. White Flags Burning Ep

  104. Negation
    Widow And The Son

  105. Walk Home

  106. Death Refrained, Death Unborn
    Willow Mount

  107. Vanitas
    Willow Mount

  108. Mutinous Wonderflesh Vs. The Body Under The Head
    Various Artists Tribute To Blaster The Rocketman

  109. Christian Grindcore - The Slaughtered Lamb Split
    Various Artists


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